3 Ways to Know You're A SneakerHead


There is a lot of debate on what makes someone a true sneakerhead.  Is it having the hottest sneakers?  Is it staying true to original color ways? Or is it standing in line to cop the sneakers that remind you of your childhood. If you are wondering what makes you a true sneakerhead, here are 3 ways to know if you really are...

Excited about Sneakers... All the Time

If you are able to talk about sneakers for hours at a time and get excited about every new topic of discussion concerning sneakers. For example new releases, OG's, or events in your life and what those shoes ment to you at the time. For most sneakerheads shoes come with a life experience which means each shoes has a story.

 Camping in Lines

The willingness to camp in lines to attain a pair of shoes.... This is something your average consumer is not willing to do sincethey don't have a general love for shoes. This is what makes us different. While we would love to have the luxury of having shoes mailed to our front door, it doesn't work that way for most of us. There is somewhat of enjoyment you get from camping in lines. By meeting people of all different races, ages, and financial status you all share a passion for shoes, which make for great conversation and networking. Now, don't be fooled. There are resellers in every camp line, but  they show their true colors after a few minute of conversing with them. Unfortunately, resellers are unavoidable and as long as there is a resale market, they will be around. But don't fret. If you get in line earlier enough those shoes are yours. Good luck!

Copping Sneakers Gives You A High

There is always a feeling of a high when you cop a pair a shoes, but it's never enough. It seems to be on to the next one -- like a junkie chasing the next high. To you and I, it's justified. In our minds, by having different color ways of the same silhouette or being an avid fan of a particular sports athlete our sneaker collection is one step closer to being complete. (But it never really is... complete, that is.) Nonetheless, there is a true admiration, passion, love and bond that non-sneakerheads just won't understand.

What are your thoughts? What makes you a true sneakerhead?